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Some of the most physically fit and pound for pound most physically powerful people in the world have been boxers. From Joe Louis, to Mike Tyson to Floyd Mayweather Jr, greatness and fitness have come to be realized. A boxers training is an intense multitude of activities and exercises that put your body to the test each and every training session. Running, sit-ups , push-ups , plyometrics , jump rope , medicine ball , kettle bell , speed bag and sparring alone will challenge anyone’s fitness level. But through this grueling training, one will develop discipline, knowledge, and better health and self-defense skills.  Roseville Boxing Academy is a leader in teaching this age-old art of boxing and we love teaching it. The instructors and personal trainers at Roseville Boxing CA are some of the best in the industry and we will help you to attain your boxing and fitness goals. You will learn to use the speed bag , heavy bag , double end bag, and focus mitts. Training for boxing involves high levels of aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. You need high amounts of reactive power in order to counter an opponent’s punch. Boxers must be able to tolerate high heart rates and high levels of blood lactate. High levels of aerobic endurance are also a must for boxing. Roseville Boxing Academy will teach you reaction time and agility as well as hand speed, footwork and power. Boxing’s sheer exhilaration alone is worth the price of admission. 

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Roseville Boxing Academy offers 24 classes a week that will turn and burn anyone into top shape. Some of the classes offered are boxing all levels, boxing bootcamp, strength training, beginner boxing, intermediate and advanced boxing, sparring and one on one sessions. Our boxing classes will teach you the fundamentals of boxing. You will learn about footwork, headwork, the jab, the hook, the right cross, the uppercut and many other fundamentals. The fundamentals taught by Roseville Boxing are in accordance with USA boxing standards. Their coaches are all certified boxing instructors who will teach you the proper techniques of boxing.  Roseville Boxing CA s bootcamp class is an intensive boxing influenced workout. You will get your heart rate up with bag work, floorwork, and parter drills. Be prepared to sweat and lose lots of weight in this class. Our strength training class is a “no boxing” class that focuses on cross training to get you in peak physical condition.  If you think you are ready for the ring; then the sparring class is the one for you. You will need 16-ounce gloves, headgear and a mouthpiece for this class. The sparring class will enable you and your coaches to see where you are or are not lacking, while giving you some experience in the ring. If you want one on one personalized time with a USA boxing instructor, then you can also elect to have one on one session at Roseville Boxing Academy. These sessions are offered in 1/2 hour to 1-hour increments. If boxing and fitness interest you than this is where you need to be. Our Boxing Academy in Roseville, CA; is a one stop boxing and physical fitness center for all. If you want to learn self-defense, discipline, lose weight, get stronger or become healthier, than this is the place for you. We love the sport of boxing and endorse fitness here and we would love to teach them to you. We are proud of our website we put a lot of love and effort in it. Take your time read our articles, see our schedule, watch videos and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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