Boxing Techniques

Boxing Techniques

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A boxer wants to remember sure floor guidelines earlier than embarking on a spherical of boxing. To start with, he needs to face together with his legs shoulder-width aside with one foot being a half-step behind the other. Each feet should level inward. The lead fist is positioned almost six inches in entrance of the face at eye degree while the rear fist is positioned next to the chin. The elbow is held in a way to shield the physique from punches. The chin is tucked within the chest to protect the jaws from knock-outs.

There are four forms of punches — ‘jab’, ‘cross’, ‘hook’ and ‘uppercut’. The jab is a straight punch given from the lead hand following a clockwise rotation of the torso and hips. The fist comes 90 degrees and immediately involves a horizontal place after the impact. This is crucial punch for a boxer because it typically overpowers the opponent.

The cross is a strong and straight punch using the rear hand. The rear hand is positioned from the chin which then crosses the physique and traverses in direction of the opponent.

The hook is a punch finished with the lead hand to the side of the opponent’s head in a semi-round movement.

The uppercut is a vertical and rising punch executed with the rear hand. The straight left jab to the head is the commonest boxing technique. A proper uppercut involves standing in a standard boxing stance by holding the again knee bent. These are just a few tips for a recent boxer.

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